Day 2 – Wednesday September 27, 2017

Wednesday Sept 27, 2017
Start TimeEnd TimeEvent Location
7:00 AM5:00 PMRegistration
7:00 AM7:45 AMContinental Breakfast

Morning Sessions

Session 7: New Installations
Room: Minoru ASponsored By:

American Augers
Start TimeEnd TimeTitleSpeaker(s)Affiliation
7:30 AM8:00 AMHydro Hammer
Harry Dickinson
The Tunneling Company
8:00 AM8:30 AMLarge Diameter Trenchless Pipe Installation Methods
Paul Nicholas
8:30 AM9:00 AMTR Flex Ductile Iron Pipe for Trenchless Applications: Britannia Rd., Milton Ont. - Triple 450mm dia. Force MainPaul Stringer
Canada Pipe
9:00 AM9:20 AMRefreshment Break
9:20 AM9:50 AMMary Hill Bypass Port Mann Main No. 2
Mike Davolt
9:50 AM10:20 AMCost Effective Replacement of Water and Gas Services by Pipe SplittingAndy Braithwaite
10:20 AM10:50 AMFusible PVC Done RightMarek KiedrowskiGHD
Session 8: Manholes/Culverts
Room: Minoru B
7:30 AM8:00 AMWhat's More Important - Quantity or Quality in Maintenance Hole Inspections
Gordon Henrich
8:00 AM8:30 AMTBDTBD
8:30 AM9:00 AM3D Wireless Manhole Inspections
Pierre Mikhail
Cues Inc.
9:00 AM9:20 AMRefreshment Break
9:20 AM9:50 AMInnovative Manhole and Pipeline Rehabilitation Techniques Prove Worth in Two Very Different Situations
Scott Kelly
AP/M Permaform
9:50 AM10:20 AMCity of Richmond – No. 1 Road Box Culvert RehabilitationLeo Huang/Marek Pawlowski
City of Richmond
/MJ Pawlowski and Associates
10:20 AM10:50 AMCN RAIL 30”- 48” Culvert Repair in Eastern Canada
Michael O'Toole
Session 9: Advancing the Trenchless Industry/Culverts

Room: Minoru C
7:30 AM8:00 AMTrenchless Technology Survey Questionnaire Data Analysis for Canadian Municipalities
Janga Thapa
Youngstown State University
8:00 AM8:30 AMAdvancing the Trenchless Industry, a Municipal Challenge
Jonathan Pearce
City of Waterloo/CATT
8:30 AM9:00 AMFair and Accurate RFPs – A Rehab Contractor’s Perspective
Gord Henrich
9:00 AM9:20 AMRefreshment Break
9:20 AM9:50 AMProcurement Models for Culvert Rehabilitation
David O'Sullivan
P W Trenchless Const Inc
9:50 AM10:20 AMEvolution of Culvert Inspection Program Techniques
Marek Pawlowski
MJ Pawlowski and Associates
10:20 AM10:50 AMCulvert Crushing via Pipe Ramming’Andy BraithwaiteHammerhead
12:00 Noon1:00 PMLunch
9:30 AM1:00 PM
Exhibit Hall
1:00 PM1:15 PMState of Canada's Trenchless Industry
Dr. Mark Knight
University of Waterloo
1:15 PM1:50 PMKeynote Speaker - Mike Sullivan, President of Alberta One-Call Corporation and the Executive Director of the Canadian Common Ground Alliance. Mike is the President of Alberta One-Call Corporation and the Executive Director of the Canadian Common Ground Alliance.
Mike's damage prevention experience stems from a 25 year career with Canada’s federal transmission pipeline regulator, the National Energy Board, Alliance Pipeline Ltd., HMA Land Services Ltd., Alberta One-Call Corporation, and the CCGA.
As Executive Director of the CCGA, and a member of the Common Ground Alliance's Board of Directors, Mike represents the collective damage prevention voice for Canada.

Afternoon Sessions

Session 10: Tunnelling
Room: Minoru ASponsored By:

Corix Water Products
2:00 PM2:30 PMFiberglass Jacking Pipe Provides Trenchless Upgrade to Las Vegas Sewers
Cal Reaume
Corix Water Products
2:30 PM3:00 PMGuided Boring Application Variety: Extended Diameters and Harder Geology
Chris Sivesind
3:00 PM3:30 PMThe Pilot Tube Installation Method and Case Studies
David Gill
Logan Clay Products
3:30 PM3:45 PM
Networking Break
3:45 PM4:15 PM
Pushing the Limits of Slurry Microtunneling and Direct Pipe in North America
Gerhard Lang
4:15 PM4:45 PM
Hydraulic Joint Pushes the Limits in Curved Microtunneling
Cyrill Althuser
Jackcontrol AG
Session 11: Case Studies
Room: Minoru B
2:00 PM2:30 PMBurrard Street Storm Tunnel – Success in Difficult Ground
Jason Lueke
Associated Engineering
2:30 PM3:00 PMCIPP for Hespeler Trunk Sanitary Sewer
Bradley Marin
3:00 PM3:30 PMA Proactive Approach to Pipeline Management: City of Vancouver Case Study
Justin Hebner
Pure Technologies Ltd.
3:30 PM3:45 PMNetworking BreakSponsored By:

3:45 PM4:15 PMPreserving Victoria's History – GRP Rehabilitation of Brick Drain Under Ross Bay Cemetery
Mike Brady
4:15 PM4:45 PMRehabilitation of 1550mm x 995mm Arch Culvert at Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria BC
Andy Sherwin
Channeline Inetrnational