Note: All pre-Conference Short Courses will be held Monday Sept 25, 2017

Full Day Courses

Trenchless Technologies 101:
The Trenchless Technology 101 course is for both newcomers to the industry and for anyone who is seeking a refresher course on the various trenchless technology methods. The course covers new trenchless construction techniques including tunneling, open shield pipe jacking, microtunneling, auger boring, pipe ramming, and horizontal directional drilling. It reviews available trenchless rehabilitation methods used to rehabilitate existing infrastructure (i.e. storm, sanitary and watermain) and it concludes with tips to ensure successful trenchless projects. Each presenter will cover details of the key steps involved in planning and executing a successful trenchless project as it relates to their respective technology.  REGISTER

Everything You Need to Know on Pressure Pipe Design and Quality Assurance:

HDD: Design to Construction

Half-Day Courses

Trenchless Carbon Savings & Credits

Planning Trenchless with SUE